Discover Music

Discover Music

in small venues

As the UK adjusts to the ‘new normal’, the whole nation eagerly awaits the announcement of when we will finally be able to watch bands play live again. It’s highly likely that smaller venues will open up first, which is great news!

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Here’s why you have to Find or Make your own kind of Music starting with smaller venues!

What we Love About Smaller Venues

You’re closer to the band

As much as we want to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium, isn’t it nice to see the artist close-up without having to watch a big screen?

The sound quality is better

Trust us, here comes the science bit. Smaller rooms means less open space for the sound to travel through. This makes for a much richer, powerful sound.

It’s more intimate

If you’re all experiencing this together, rather than a handful at the front and others way, way back, basically just watching a dot on the stage, the atmosphere is much more special and enjoyable.

But more sociable

Seriously, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. Again, it’s down to the science – less people for the management, security, bar staff, etc to have to deal with and keep happy and under control.

They’re unique

Smaller venues are often hidden gems, with unusual, quirky or beautiful settings (e.g. the crypt at St Martin-in-the-fields or The Vaults, underneath Waterloo Station), or a fabulous history (e.g. Wilton’s Music Hall is the oldest in the world and the place where Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s infamous ‘Relax’ video was filmed).

You can meet the band

There’s much greater opportunity for interaction with the artist and usually there will be some kind of opportunity to meet them and/or get autographs/photos

Smaller queues

At the door, at the loos, at the bar…

The beer prices are often cheaper

Not always, but stands a good chance. And the bar food too.

Getting home is easier

Smaller the venue, the more likely it is to be closer to home. If not, public transport will be less busy, taxis easier to get (including Dad’s Taxi!)