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Music promoters or producers give complimentary tickets to a Seat-Filling or Audience Development company, such as to offer their members to ensure that there is a full auditorium or to introduce the music to new potential followers.  The producers get a full audience and therefore a better experience for the paying patrons (and talent), while the seat filler is able to see an event for a small service charge.  This is also referred to as papering the house.  

This benefits the organisers too, which is why they offer the tickets, hoping for increased awareness of their show, higher concession sales, full auditorium for better atmosphere, and hopefully, spreading positive word of mouth.  As a member, you are also first in line for tickets not available to the general public; events such as press nights, album launches or exclusive secret gigs

Why would tickets be available?


Music gigs and launches have to have an audience but don’t always want to sell tickets


Venues have to be full on press night


New bands need to generate positive word of mouth


Big stars fans may only be able to afford cheap tickets – expensive seats can’t be left empty…

There are many reasons why venues and promoters need an audience that can’t be achieved through ticket sales. This is where companies like ShowFilmFirst are one of the entertainment industry’s best kept secrets.

ShowFilmFirst is the most exciting club you have never heard of

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How does it work?

Simply apply for membership.  Spaces are limited but anyone can apply.  Membership is always about the right people but also SFF look to have equal numbers by gender, age and location.   If one sector is at capacity, applications may be put on wait list until space becomes available.

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